• Nordika - Ecstasy

    Nordika's fifth album will be available in physical and digital format as of April 14, 2017, containing 10 new and unpublished songs, written and produced by Hector A. Marin, mixed and mastered in Aquo Rec Records, released by Scent Air Records from Russia, limited edition to 300 pieces, in golden disc, with booklet of letters to 8 pages, contains the participation of the Mexican photography firm "Infocus Fotografia" and the creation of art by "Proyecta Design".

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  • After The Rain - Kings Without A Crown + The Other Side Of The Crown

    AFTER THE RAIN is a Spanish band formed in 2012 by Yun Diaz (programming, guitars and keyboards) and Jose Icaro (vocals, keyboards and additional programming), which is joined in 2.016 Oscar Andres (guitar, bass and backing vocals).

    Their sound is influenced mainly by Synthpop, but also by the Darkwave and the Avant-garde Pop-Rock from the 80’s and 90’s.

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  • DekaLog - March Of Freedom

    Following the release in June 2015, the album "Outsider" by the label ScentAir Records, which was highly appreciated both, by music band fans and ordinary music lovers, musicians decided to continue in the same direction and to release a new album.

    DekaLog - is a musical project formed in 1996 on the territory of the Republic of Crimea. Their music can not be explicitly attributed to genres like synth-pop, future-pop, new wave and electro. The group is constantly in search of new sounds and new styles. They do not aim at imitating or copying from somebody, on the contrary, their goal is to invent something of their own, something new!

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Last releases

Soon! Nordika
Release date: 14.04.2017
Catalog Number: SA089
Format: CD (golden plated)

New! After The Rain
CD1 Kings Without A Crown
CD2 The Other Side Of The Crown
Release date: 31.03.2017
Catalog Number: SA088
Format: 2CDs (golden plated)

NEW!!! DekaLog
March Of Freedom
Release date: 10.03.2017
Catalog Number: SA087
Format: CD (golden plated)

NEW!!! ManOK
Dies Irae
Release date: 28.02.2017
Catalog Number: SA086
Format: CD (golden plated)