• Transponder - Hammer And Anvil (SA081)

    Transponder is a project of Freund 424 and Hanz Acid which came together to do a mix of Anhalt EBM, Aggrepo, Dark Electro, Electronic Body Music, Minimal and N.D.W. Freund 424 does all music and Hanz Acid the voice and a few additional sounds.

    The first record of Transponder "The Strength Of My Fist" with 16 songs including a EBM version of the Frerestyle song "Fantasy Girl" of Johnny O. was published in a limitation of 242 copies and is sold out as CD, but available at the Transponder website : www.transponder-music.de in different online-stores for download.

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  • Austerity Complex - Reflections

    The duo Nigel Wheeler and André Schuster formed in 2011 with the idea to re-create the sounds of the 80s synth movement with a modern day feel. (“The New 80s”) They performed their first show in Dresden in 2012. In 2014 they were voted winners of the Sonic Seducer magazine Battle of the Bands contest. Many successful concerts followed, including support shows for Project Pitchfork, Blind Passenger and Forced 2 Mode.

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  • BIO - Pioneers

    BIO is a music band that was founded as an electronic project in 90's and it is an example of Russian synth-POP.

    These songs will remind people how the inner life is connected to the outer world. Here you can see some changes in people's destinies due to their decisions and re-comprehensions of what is happening in their lives. In this album you will find a ready-made script of science-fiction movie about a future expedition and its flight to the nearest star system called "Sirius".

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The Archive Collection 1992 - 2016
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