• DekaLog - March Of Freedom

    Following the release in June 2015, the album "Outsider" by the label ScentAir Records, which was highly appreciated both, by music band fans and ordinary music lovers, musicians decided to continue in the same direction and to release a new album.

    DekaLog - is a musical project formed in 1996 on the territory of the Republic of Crimea. Their music can not be explicitly attributed to genres like synth-pop, future-pop, new wave and electro. The group is constantly in search of new sounds and new styles. They do not aim at imitating or copying from somebody, on the contrary, their goal is to invent something of their own, something new!

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  • ManOK - Dies Irae

    ManOK - electro experimenters from Odessa. Gloomy romanticists, they paint their Darkwave music by the varied palette of instruments. The musicians are seeking their perception of the world in dreams, symbolism and eschatology. The musical palette prevails EBM and Synth-goth.

    Meet new album of ManOK, electronic experimentalists from Odessa! They returned with a new expression, feelings, eschatology. And, of course, with their unique atmosphere. "Dies Irae" - for those. who can feel and think.

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  • Troika - Tirania De Lo Domestico

    Troika is a Spanish electronic music band composed by Emilio Guzman (vocals), Daniel Fito (machinery and programming) and Antonio Ramirez (keyboards and programming) whose musical approach is reminiscent of EBM and Synth?pop, mainly influenced by bands like Depeche Mode, And One,VNV, with bleak songs And deep lyrics, wrapped in a dark electronics, covering topics as seemingly different as personal relationships, friendship, or science fiction.

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Last releases

Release date: 16.01.2017
Catalog Number: SA084
Format: CD (golden plated)

BIO + Pavlov & Computers
Release date: 29.12.2016
Catalog Number: SA083
Format: CD (golden plated)

I Believe You, Not Today
Release date: 23.11.2016
Catalog Number: SA082
Format: WEB single

Hammer And Anvil
Release date: 11.11.2016
Catalog Number: SA081
Format: CD (golden plated)